Friday, June 5, 2009


Anyone that knows me well knows that I love to fly, I would fly every where I when if I could. I have actually only flew a few times, but 2 of those times where very long flights. In 2007 I flew to The Holy Lands and then this year I flew to Africa. I loved it. I love to sit at the window so that I can look out at the land below or into the heavens and just talk with God. I also love to sit at the wind it reminds me of being under God's might wings or just hiding in his wings.

I have had the disappearance of Flight 477 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on my mind all week. Now they think it disintegrated either in air or when it slammed into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving no survivors. I have flown over the Atlantic Ocean 2 times.

I wonder how many of those 227 people were saved and ready to meet God? I wonder how many left families behind to mourn for them? I wonder how many no one left to mourn for them? I wonder what those people thought, or did they even have time to think? How many had a chance to cry out to God to save them in the last second of their life's?Think about it you are flying along in a plane then, bam all of a sudden, you could be flying through the air. Or maybe you when crashing into the ocean. Its a scare thought.

My thoughts have been on the people on the plane. What were they like? What thoughts were running through their minds? What was the last thing that said to the person they love the most? Did they tell them they loved them or did they have harsh words with them? Were their people on that flight that had no one to miss them, or to report them missing? How many people go to bed each night crying because they didn't know if their loved one when to heaven? How many people which they could have that last moment with their loved one over? How many people never want to fly again?

How many of us were effected enough to change our lives? To live it for Christ, telling friends and loved ones about him? Will we make sure that that our family and friends know how much we love them? Or will anyone even care?

I still love to fly. You do know that, that is the way that God is going to let us get around in heaven, right. Our new bodies will be flying from place to place.Please pray for the families that lost loved ones on Flight 477.

"Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory: but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."Philippians 2:3


Elaine said...

Oh my! You ARE BLOGGING!!!!! I haven't checked this site in so long. I can't wait to catch up on you!!!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

waiting on some more posts ????

you know who ????