Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Secret

The other week I read this verse in Psalms 25:14

"The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him, and he will shew them his covenant."

I got to thinking the secret, is God telling us that each of us have a secret in our lives about him? Is their something special in each of us a special secret that we share with God? Does this mean each of us have a secret in side of us that only we can share with some one else? I shared this verse with our SS class the other Sunday. I told them did they realize that they have a secret within them and that they need to share it with someone. You know it makes me feel special to think that God has entrusted me with a secret that no one else has and no one else can share the way God wants to use me. Then the big question comes am I willing to do that share my secret. Am I willing to say yes GOD I will share the secret will whom ever, where ever or how ever you ask.

See, that is the hard part sharing. It is hard for me to speak in front of people, it's hard for me to write about things in my life. Last night in youth we had a time of sharing our testimony's, I was one of the ones who volunteered to share, what was I thinking. I was the last to go after all the youth went. To myself I am think that was a total mess nobody got anything out of what I said. I think of myself as Moses I am not a public or private speaker GOD knows. Anyway, I pray that in different way then speaking that God is able to use me to share my secret.

I believe the secret in itself is the same and that is the story of salvation. We each have a different story on how God saved us. The secret is our own personal relationship with God.
That is what he wants us to share that is how we give him the glory that he deserves. So inside of us we each have something to give others that no one else has, are we willing to share the secret.

I pray Father as you put people in my path that I will show them you and your love, through my life. Father you know I am not a speaker so use me in other ways to share your love. Let me serve you and others in ways that show your love. And Father if you choose to use words I pray that I let self step away and it is you they hear not me. Father I just want to be an empty vessel that you fill. I just want to serve you anyway you want to use me. I am thankful that you chose to save me at the young age of 12 years old. I am thankful that you want to use me. Father I can honestly say the most awesome times of my life have been when I was serving you. Thank you God for saving me and using me. I ask that you always help me walk the path you have set before me and that it brings you glory. I love you so much God. I can honestly say I can do nothing without you You MY GOD you are my life. Thank you.


So I use this verse as my #12 verse in the Siestas memory verses.

Psalm 25:14

"The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him, and he will show them his covenant."


Elaine said...

Pam, you are doing a fantastic job sharing your secret. You see, you are living it, which is 10 times better than sharing it. I'm not a good public speaker either. In fact, I've only given my testimony once EVER and it was to the youth a few years ago. If you desire to be obedient in "speaking", I will certainly join you in praying about it. However, I think--I KNOW--God is just as pleased with your desire to live a Christian life, and that speaks to people louder than words :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Good Post! Praying for you sis'!


Anonymous said...

Waiting for more Knowledge and you are the one to bequeath it darlin' !
luv ya !

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