Monday, October 1, 2007

The Count Down Is On.

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."Psalms 37:4

Two weeks from today I leave for my trip to the Holy Lands. I am so excited and also am a bit nervous. This trip is a dream no a prayer come true. All my life I have prayed that one day God would let me go the Holy Lands. I mean just think to walk were he walked and see the place he was crucified for my sins, to see the empty tomb, because Praise GOD he arose on the 3rd day so that I could live. Just to be going is unbelievable for me still at times. But to be going with Pastor Ralph Sexton Jr., that was just an extra blessing God gave. For me to be going is truly a blessing from God. Let me share my story with you.

This year I had to have some work done on my house and I knew that this year was the year I had to do it (so did GOD). I had when to revival services were Brother Ralph was preaching he told that he was getting up a trip to the Holy Land and I was like oh how I would love to go. But being single it was a little more money than I could afford. But then when I called to get estimation my room, I told GOD. I said God you know that I would love to go on this trip, but I have to have that room fixed, so here is the X amount of money I have. If you want me to go than I pray that the room comes in under this amount enough so that I can go. I at that time only told my Pastor and ask him to help me pray. I then when to my very faithful prayer partner and ask for help praying. Well, the room came in under the X amount of money, but you know how we are we don't just trust GOD with that simple answer. I said OK God I have the money what about a passport at that time there was waiting list to get your passport. I by now had shared my prayer request with a few close friend and had them praying. Well I mailed my passport papers off, paid extra to get them processed faster. The lady at the post office told me I could have them is 6 to8 weeks and that if I didn't I would need to start tracing them. Well God answered another pray I had my passport in less than 2 weeks. So I knew that it was GOD working out everything for me to go.

Today I shared with some close friends that I am wandering if I am doing the right thing and of courses Satan is starting to put questions in my mind and throw obstacles in my path. My mom is sick and having to have some test. I had to have brakes on my van today. But I know God will take care of all that.

My greatest prayer request is for my families salvation. I have sister, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews that are lost. I know without a doubt that if something was to happen to me while I am on this trip that I would awake in heaven in the arms of the one who loves me more than he loved his on life, and should he sound the trumpet to take all the saved to heaven I can think of no better place to go from. But, then there is my family yesterday our Associated Pastor Paul preached and he preached on hell. He made a comment about how God will one day wipe the tears form our eyes, but that will not be until after he cast the unsaved into hell. Preacher Paul said you know we the saved will be there present to hear God say to them Depart from me I never knew you, that breaks my heart because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO HEAR GOD SAY THAT TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

God tells us in his word that "The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16b

I know we all have lost family and friends, so I ask that you help me pray for them and I will pray for your lost ones. And we together will claim God's promise to hear our prayer.


Deidre said...

You know I was thinking ... your life is such a testimony to your family. It has to be because it is to me. This trip is part of that. They are watching and they will wonder what the excitement is to visit the place where our Savior walked. You will come back changed and even more on fire than you are now. God knows all these things and He will use this time as well.

I'm trying to confess my jealousy over your trip. I'm so dern jealous I can't stand myself. I think God understands that, doesn't he? It's going to be an amazing time for you (and those family and friends around you that are priveleged enough to know you).

Elaine said...

Now,Pam...aren't you glad your blogging? Just reading your post, I could feel your excitment, your anxieties, your faithfulness to the Lord. Girl, if you hold that all inside, one day you may combust! Kudos to Deidre's comment. You are a living testimony, or as David said Sunday night... A living sacrifice! God will use this trip to bless you in ways beyond understanding, and could use your pictures and experience to lead your family to Christ? Now, that's exciting in itself!!!

JesusChick said...

Well, I just want to climb into a suitcase and go with you ! I'm thankful that your mom's test came out great and that will be less concern for you as you leave, now isn't God mapping even your fear out of the picture ??? We'll continue to pray for them and you as you embark on the trip for a Child of God's lifetime ! We'll have to get a veil for you to wear just like Moses coming off the mountain with God ! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many are never afforded to experience and I almost feel like I'm getting to go just because you are going ! I can't even wish you God Speed because child I want you to soak it in and then when I touch you and listen to you tell me all about it I'm going to get HG goosebumps and again feel like I was there with you toooooo, and trust me all my friends know that my friend Pam at work is going to walk where our Lord walked and worship HIM in places that others have 2000 years later,,,,,only one word describes it ! Awesome ! My goodness, Girls I think I"m blogging on the comment section ! I gotta get brave enough to do this thing for Jesus ! Love ya


Mindy said...

me, too! me, too!
I dream of one day going to the Holy Land.
Maybe I can live vicariously through your pictures =)
Who knows when I will get to go.....
This trip will be a blessing to you and from you for lots of folks when you return.
Thanks for making me feel welcome at the bible study!
Blessings on you!
In HIM -