Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who Do You Say That I AM?

I just started a new book by Max Lucado "Next Door Savior", because I am going through some stuff that I don't understand and yesterday I realize that was what I needed right now is a Savior. I have had the book for over a year and just not taken the time to read it, but really God knew when I would need it and that is now.

The first thing the book says is "Who Do You Say That I Am"? When I read that it just broke my heart because even in my quiet time, in Bible Studies and seeking GOD in this season in my life I never really thought about who GOD is to me right now. I think, no I know that somewhere I had lost sight of who GOD IS TO ME.

So who do I say GOD is?

The love of my life, the lover of my soul, my redeemer kinsman, the one who never leaves me, the one who takes my broken heart in his very own hands and ever so gentle puts the pieces back together seals it with a kiss (a kiss heals everything) and then puts it back and tells me that we will go on together, the one who takes every tear I cry and bottles them so that I know how much he loves me. the one who says I will never forget you I have your name engraved in the palm of my hand, the one who tells me I love you as if you where the only person I created. He is the one that forgives me when I sin and then cast those sins as far as the east from the west never to be remember again. God is the one who reaches down his hand and picks me up when I feel like I can not go on another day and says today I will carry just rest in my arms. He is the GOD that is the peace in the storms of life. He's the potter that is molding me into what he wants me to be. He's the one who blesses me with every good thing he has. Most of all HE IS MY SAVIOR the one who came seeking this sinner, saved me and gave me eternal life. He is the one who stretched out his arms and said I am dying for you because I love you that much!!!!!!!!!

Thank you my Savior that you sometimes you break my heart to show me who you are. That you take the time to be concerned about what is happening in every area of my life. Thank you that you remind me who you are. Thank you that you are the Savior who is ALL MINE.
Thank you that you are near enough to touch. Strong enough to trust, and always a next door Savior.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful !

Finally !

I'm glad you had something to say !

I miss you and I'm praying for you !

Love ya, talk to you soon !


Mindy said...

This is beautiful!
Nice to hear from you Pam!!

I am going to be leading a study at our church come January. I am looking forward to it but am in lots of prayer about it.
Ya'll were so gracious to allow me to join you --you're welcome to join us if you like =)
In HIM -

Deidre said...

This is great, Pam. I loved reading everything He is to you. I'm glad you finally posted something. You have more to say than you think:)

Elaine said...

Welcome back Pam. I've been missing your inspiration. Maybe I need to buy a copy of that book. Your entry brought tears to my eyes.