Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Heart Friend D

I am still out of sorts with myself. It's been a hard week emotionally for me, just so much going on. Last weekend was hard for me. I told my friend D, today that somethings do not get easier with age, and sometimes it is easier to handle them than other times. Bless D's heart she has been worried about me all week texting me and calling me. She texted me the sweets words Monday night, then text me Tuesday morning to see how I was, I told her I am out of bed today, at work and life goes on. She called me this morning and we talked. The funny thing to this friendship is neither one of us would have picked the other as a friend. We are totally different in many ways, but yet we are alike in many ways. This is a friendship that God put together about 10 years ago. We go to the same church and we when on a mission trip together, to Washington, DC. Well after that trip lets just say I really didn't think we would be friends, other than a brief hello to each other at church we didn't speak to one another. Then a couple of years later we when on another mission trip to Nashville, TN this time and that was the turning point in our friendship. God worked in a great and might way on that trip, not just there but on the way back lets just say he is the one that drove our van down the mountain. We became a little closer after that but still not the best of friends. E (her husband) and D became the youth leaders at our church, and then E ask me to be on the ministry team. Of course I did because there was no doubt in my mind that God wanted me there. After that D and I became a lot closer, she is my dearest friend. Now i don't know what I would do without her. We don't have to be around each other long to know something is wrong with the other one. D is a great Christian and teacher. Her hearts desire is to serve GOD and her family, to raise her girls to love the Lord. She thinks that times she doesn't do a good job at any of them, but she does. She gets so excited when she is studying God's work, that she excites everyone around her. She will call and say I just read this in the Bible, did you know that, then we will talk on and on about GOD'S word, I love that about her.Today when she called she was so concerned that someone how hurt my feeling and I wasn't telling her. I am not so sure I would tell her if they did, who know what she would do.(another story) No one had done anything to me, just that sometimes all the craziness going on in my life over whelms me. I just thank God for D and that he made her a heart friend too me.

A friend loveth at all times.....

Proverbs 17:17 I Love You

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Deidre said...

I wish I had known about this post. Why didn't you tell me??? I guess God knew I would need to find it this week. I miss you so very much! You know if you were here I would be yelling at you for leaving me! Just like I yelled at you for going to the Holy Lands and Africa without me. Those few weeks on each of those trips were too long to go without talking, which makes this seem unbearable. I love you so, so much my sweet friend!