Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Prayer what is prayer Webster's says Prayer is an expression, esp. of devout petition, addressed to God or a deity. A formal set of words used in praying. A religious service esp. for saying of prayers An earnest entreaty. A minimal chance or hope.

We know that prayer is the way we talk with God. All though out the Bible we are told to pray. To pray about everything, to pray with out ceasing. Jesus thought that praying was very important he gave us model prayers to use. many times Jesus when away by himself to pray, sometimes he took some of his closes friends with him.

Prayer is a very important part of my life. Sometimes the only person I talk to all day is GOD. I think we so often take prayer as some formal time we spend with GOD. I down always just bow somewhere and pray, but I just talk with God all though out the day. I will look out my window at work and just talk with him sometimes about the beauty in the clouds or things that are heavy on my heart.

I need as many people as possible praying for me and I love that they do. I have some close friends that I just love to hear them pray, when they pray I just sit and listen. (God if that is wrong I am sorry). Me I am not a great prayer when it comes to praying in public. But when it's just me and God or sometimes with a close friend I will just pour out my heart to God.

You know that Jesus took a few close friends with him to pray and I love that. Sometimes I just like to pray with close friends. That is not something you have to do always in person. I have friends that when I e-mail them with things that I am going through will e-mail me back a prayer and I do the same to them. Sometimes I think we all need that personal one on one prayer time with each other, we do this in Sunday School sometimes, I love it. Sometimes when I am going through a hard time just to know that I have someone in my life who will just say, hey lets just pray together mays the problem not so bad.

Without prayer I don't know what I would do, because then I wouldn't have a connection to GOD and how could I live.

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